Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Did St. Paul corrupt the teaching of Jesus?

Paul was the … first corrupter of the doctrines of Jesus.
(Thomas Jefferson, Letter to William Short, 1820)
The above quote is from a post on deConversion.com. The topic possesses perennial interest, and I strongly disagree with the stand taken by Thinking Ape.

I decided to address it on my other blog, Outside the Box, because it reaches a broader readership (i.e., including non-Christians).


49erDweet said...

Your response to TA was, in my view, spot on. His uncritical inclusion of quotes from so many divergent sources [many of whom might be prominent, but were questionably learned in that aspect of the subject matter] could be compared with quoting Henry Ford's explanation of what the artist meant to express with "Whistler's Mother". To say he would mount his defense "later" while spending so much time responding to comments became a little disingenuous, I think.

Not to say the subject doesn't deserve extensive study and academic discussion.

Thanks for taking it on,


Stephen (aka Q) said...

Thanks, 49er. I've been commenting on deConversion for a few weeks, trying to present a substantive argument against their anti-Christianity stance. Mostly I just get ignored.