Friday, October 19, 2007

Come on and join the fun!

The readers of Emerging From Babel have been specially invited to participate in the dialogue over at Ancient Hebrew Poetry.
Stephen of Emerging from Babel and ElShaddai Edwards of He is Sufficient have blogrolls of interest. It would be great fun to get some of the bloggers they list involved in discussions we have.
The quote is from a comment on this post.

I'm honoured to receive John's attention and encouragement. I am no scholar, whereas John is a very erudite individual. He specializes in the translation of Hebrew texts. Recently he has posted a series on the philosophy of translation, which has triggered a lot of discussion with fellow bloggers. John advocates a "literary" translation:
The debate has been hamstrung to some extent because of the thesis I began with:

If a text is literary, its dynamic equivalent must also be literary.

That led some people to conclude that I thought the original language texts of the Bible are written in a uniform literary style. Nothing was further from my thoughts. It is the leveling to an identical, monotonous style and register which has long characterized Bible translation. It is this leveling I protest.
The quote is from the third post, but whole series is interesting (one, two, three). In any event, check out the blog — any biblioblogger is bound to find topics of interest. And after all, you've been specially invited!

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J. K. Gayle said...

I also appreciate your commentary. And with you, I'm fascinated by the "debate." Would your readers and you also care to open that up more by identifying where you stand on the chart developed by translator Willis Barnstone? It's at "Willis Barnstone on (Y)OUR Translation Approach."